“Strong voice, strong sound: Ganna Gryniva and Dykyi Lys.” Matthias Wegner, Deutschlandfunk Kultur (National German Radio)

“One of the 5 best vocal releases 2020” – JazzPRESS (PL)

With dynamism, charisma and electronic vignettes Ganna Gryniva and her quintet GANNA appeal to different musical tastes. Gryniva’s stylistically open songs partly incorporate traditional Ukrainian influences; her virtuous voice, her melodies, phrasing and improvisation clearly refer to contemporary jazz. She is supported by a band that loves to play. Particularly impressive are the interesting accompaniments and solos of the pianist Povel Widerstand as well as Musina Ebobissé’s warm timbre and pointed tone. Vocal jazz with lots of colors and spices.

Norbert Krampf, Journalist for FAZ (National Newspaper in Germany)

GANNA – Ethnic Jazz Ensemble from Berlin

Ganna Gryniva – voice, compositions
Musina Ebobissé – tenor saxophone
Povel Widestrand – piano
Tom Berkmann – upright bass
Mathias Ruppnig – drums

Ganna Gryniva comes from a small village with 375 inhabitants near the capital Kyiv (Ukraine), surrounded by nature as far as the eye and the thoughts can reach. In 2013, she arrived in Berlin and it was a shock. Or, as she puts it, “a challenge for someone like me who likes silence. I gradually found quiet, undisturbed places in Berlin, and now I see the city differently. I’ve adapted. The foxes that roam the streets of Berlin have done the same. They manage to live here. Yet they are wild animals and they will always remain such.”

Wild, adaptable and able to survive, doing what she wants to do and what she can do best, sympathetically stubborn, determined and intelligent – this is Ganna Gryniva. She is the 84th protagonist of the internationally renowned talent launch pad of the Jazz Thing Next Generation. Together with the label Double Moon Records, Jazz Thing Next Generation is about to release the debut album of her band GANNA „Dykyi Lys“ („Wild Fox“ from Ukrainian).

Singer, composer, pianist, bandleader, side-woman, interdisciplinary performance and free improvisation artist with a focus on life and creation in the German capital, Ganna does not exclusively seek her own voice with a toolbox of music. She cleverly combines different sensory worlds from jazz and Ukrainian folk to classical and experimental music and dance.

Always remain authentic, do not play roles: that is Ganna Gryniva´s overriding premise. “The lyrics, the music, the story and the mood should be in harmony.“ It seems that she is constantly looking for new facets that round out her overall picture of the world. The space for the research and the experiments is the quintet GANNA – named after her. It includes the tenor saxophonist Musina Ebobissé, who was a Jazz thing Next Generation laureate a year ago, pianist Povel Widestrand, bassist Tom Berkmann and drummer Mathias Ruppnig.

The fox and her pack: They are about to expand their existing territory with “Dykyi Lys”. Because artists like Ganna need space to experience their very personal freedom to the fullest.

Reinhard Koechl, Music journalist for the Jazz Thing (National German Magazine for Jazz Music)

It is a really convincing voice that is offered here. It has a very individual position between jazz and folk, I think GANNA is a very important discovery. And together they are all really stunning and for me they are incredibly fresh and passionate in their music, which shines between resting, taking off, flowing and contentment.

Wolfgang Giese, Journalist for „Musik an sich“ (German Music Online Magazine)